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Estate Gifts of Real Estate

Estate Gifts of Real Estate

Mark Matson and George Silva of Hillsboro, Oregon found the isolation of the pandemic an ideal time to look for a four-legged friend. They were feeling a gap in their lives since the death of their beloved dog.

Mark began surfing websites of rescue organizations. Though he didn't find a dog (yet), he did find Dogs for Better Lives. "While searching available dogs, I happened to come across Dogs for Better Lives," he says. "With the pandemic, we had filled out advance directives and begun thinking through those end-of-life decisions. We have done conscious saving throughout our lives, and it just seemed like it was time for us to share and give back to benefit someone else."

The couple researched DBL and then contacted the staff about visiting. The tour and demonstrations solidified their decision to make DBL the beneficiary of their full estate. "We came away absolutely impressed," Mark says. "We stood there with our mouths open when one of the trainers showed us what a dog can do for a hearing-challenged person.

The companionship of a dog is always a huge plus, but we saw that one of these dogs offers a real chance of minimizing a disability for a person. It was awe-inspiring." George was impressed with the training relationship. "The critical part for me was the care and intensity of the interaction between dogs and trainers with the full intention of that animal helping another individual- potentially lifesaving help," he says.

After consideration, the couple decided that DBL offers "bang for your buck," Mark says. They established DBL as their beneficiary and chose not to restrict the gift. "We didn't want to think that we know what's best, and we see how things can change overnight - look at COVID-19," Mark says. "Tomorrow DBL may have a huge need for something we can't foresee. We feel that giving our estate to Dogs for Better Lives isn't giving it to an organization but sharing it with people who really need it."